Welcome to Polyglot Abroad!  My name is Mike and I hope to take you on a journey around the world with me as I explore new cultures, learn new languages, and discover new adventures.

Here I will teach you all of my secrets in the realm of living and traveling abroad, how to make the most of your experience, and how I learn foreign languages from scratch.

They say our generation is one of explorers, so come explore with me!



My name is Mike Antonio and I grew up on the island of Maui, Hawaii.   I have always dreamt of exploring the world I live in and becoming familiar with its languages and cultures. Today, I am completing my International Affairs degree in Boston and I hope to use it as a tool to pursue my dreams!

So far I have been to 21 countries, but I would love to go to all 197!

I am proficient in four languages (English, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese) and conversational in a few more, but of course I would love to learn them all.


A Day in Dubai

Whenever I tell my friends about my lifelong desire to acquaint myself with Dubai, all they do is ask me “Why?”  Then they recycle the same statements over and over again.  “Dubai has no history.” “Dubai is artificial.” “Dubai is too hot.”  Ok maybe that last one I agree with.  But let’s think for a …



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